The History of Murrays Bakers

Murrays Bakers - Linda Hill

Linda Hill, Managing Director and great grand daughter of John Murray, founder of Murrays Bakers

John Murray, Founder of Murrays Bakers

John Murray, Founder of Murrays Bakers

“I was 20 years old when I went to work in Murrays. I had worked in the Royal Bank previously and was looking for another job, when my dad asked if I wanted to come and work at Murrays.

It was decided I would try it out for 6 months and 27 years later I am still here!”

Murrays Bakery
Murrays Bakery

“Murrays was established by 1901 by my great Granddad John Murray (who was also a Baillie with the council and was known as Baillie John Murray), who came from Glasgow with a shilling in his pocket and started the business. They were based on the corner of County Place/New Row, where Kings Fabrics is now.

In 1911 we moved to 101 South Street, close to where the old shop and tea room was, and remained there until 1915. We then moved to 89 South Street where Murrays infamous tea room was through the back, where people queued to the corner of the street to get in.”

“Murrays Bakers remained there for 70 years until 1985 when we moved to 114 South Street where we are now.

Due to the building of the St. John’s shopping centre, Murrays had to move premises as our bakery was in the way where they wanted to build.”

Murrays Tea Room Advert
Murrays Bakery

“My dad was what was called a Master Baker. I went to work in the business in 1987 and later became dad’s partner.

Dad worked long hours; 6 days a week. He decided to close the shop at the Perth fortnight to have a holiday once a year, and to this day the tradition continues with Murrays, closing for the Perth fortnight.”

“Dad worked until he had a massive heart attack when he was 54, and was off work for 6 months. Once he recovered, he continued to work at the bakery until he was 63 when he had to undergo a quadruple bypass, finally retiring in 2000.

Following dads retirement I became a sole trader, then on the 1st June 2013 Murrays Bakery became a limited company. Sadly my dad passed away on 17 September 2013.

I know dad would be proud of what we have achieved. Especially when we were crowned Scotch Pie World Champion in 2015 and then this year receiving the title of Craft Baker of the Year..”

Murrays Bakery
  • The World Championship Scotch Pie Awards 2019 – Gold Award for our Ham, Cheese and Onion Quiche
  • The World Championship Scotch Pie Awards 2019 – Diamond Award for our Tattie and Bean Pie
  • The World Championship Scotch Pie Awards 2019 – Bronze Award for our Chicken Curry Pie
  • Scottish Bakers Craft Baker Of The Year 2017/18
  • Scottish Baker of the Year 2015/16 – Craft Baker of the Year Finalist
  • Scottish Baker of the Year 2015/16 – Regional Bronze award for our Shortbread
  • Scotch Pie World Champion 2015
  • Scotch Pie Awards 2015 – Bronze Award for our Mince and Onion Bridie
  • Scotch Pie Awards 2015 – Silver Award for our Macaroni Pie
  • Scotch Pie Awards 2015 – Silver Award for our Chicken Curry Pie
  • Scottish Baker of the Year 2014 – Highly Commended Award for our Scotch Pie
  • Scottish Baker of the Year 2014 by Customer Votes
  • Scottish Baker of the Year 2013 – Certificate of High Commendation
  • Scotch Pie Awards 2015 – Bronze Award for our Sausage Roll
  • Scottish Baker of the Year 2012 – Certificate of High Commendation
Murrays St Johnstone Programme

“Murrays and pies have always been synonymous.

An advert dating back to 1968 for St Johnstone at Muirton Park has ‘famed for their scotch pies’ in the advert.

In the beginning Murrays did outside catering too. My granny used to tell me that they catered for all the Police balls in the City Hall back then.

Afterwards the family would have to take all the dishes up three flights of stairs to their flat on County Place opposite the shop and wash them all.

My granny was still working at 80 years old making cups of coffee in the tea room!”

“Murrays Bakers have always been proud of our long traditions, and of being part of the Scottish baking industry.

As such, Murrays has always been member of Scottish Bakers, previously known as Scottish Association of Master Bakers.

In November 2013 I was invited to become a Board Member and have been on the Board ever since.”

Murrays Bakers
Please visit us at 114 South Street, Perth where we can introduce you to our award winning scotch pies and our mouth watering pineapple cakes.